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All teams with a valid 2022 FAI Sporting License are eligible to compete. This must be obtained through the competitor’s NAC (National Airsport Control Organisation), which represents the country in the FAI. You can find the list of NAC’s here.

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Airspace2020 – New dates!

Publié le 18 March 2020



March 18th, 2020 

The Event Organiser and the ISC Bureau have reached an agreement to reschedule the 2nd FAI European Indoor Skydiving Championships 2020 and 4th FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2020.

The Event Organiser would like to thank everyone for all the support and kind messages that have been received from the Indoor Skydiving Community after the decision was made to suspend the event. 

Both ISC and the Organiser feel strong support and motivation from the community to come together and still carry out this event. We all feel confident that we will do so once this terrible pandemic is under control. Everybody loves a comeback!

It is important for the ISC to leave a two-month gap after the Mondial that is scheduled to take place in August of this year but also to leave sufficient time before the next Indoor World Championships scheduled in April 2021. For the Event Organiser, who has invested heavily for this project, it is important to organise the event towards the end of the outdoor skydiving season in the northern hemisphere and before the season is in full swing in the southern hemisphere.

The new dates will be October 20-25, 2020

Tuesday October 20 – Official Arrival Day

Wednesday October 21 – Official Practice Day – Speed Setting – Opening Ceremony

Thursday October 22 – Competition Day 1

Friday October 23 – Competition Day 2

Saturday October 24 – Competition Day 3 – Closing Ceremony with Banquet

Sunday October 25 – Official Departure Day

Delegations that wish to maintain their registration:

Registration and sanction fees will be held by the Event Organiser. For any paid training time that has already been paid, the proposal is to give you credit for future use. Once you have made your new travel arrangements you can contact the Organiser to make your new bookings. 

We hope to see as many of you back as possible.

Delegations that wish to withdraw their registration:

Withdrawal will be considered under §4.4.5 (2) of the FAI Sporting Code Section 5 (see below) as this situation is caused by Force Majeure. Consequently 80% of the registration fee will be refunded together with 100% of the Sanction Fee. 

Delegations that wish to either confirm registration for the rescheduled  competition or to register if they have not already done so, will find further information on the Organiser webpage:

We thank you in advance for your understanding of this unique situation, if you have further questions or comments please either contact the Organiser directly or the ISC via

Gillian Rayner, Håvard Flaat

ISC President, Head of the Organising Committee Airspace2020

4.4.5.(2) If an FCE does take place but is stopped by reason of a decision of the Jury or by reason of force majeure as agreed to by the Jury, unused entry fees, excluding Sanction Fees, which are not refundable, as determined by the IPC Bureau in consultation with the Organiser, will be returned.

Exceptionally the ISC Bureau has decided to refund 100% of the sanction fee to the teams who cannot make the new dates.

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