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All teams with a valid 2022 FAI Sporting License are eligible to compete. This must be obtained through the competitor’s NAC (National Airsport Control Organisation), which represents the country in the FAI. You can find the list of NAC’s here.

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New pre competition training time rate

Publié le 23 February 2022

Dear Athletes, NACs and members of Official Delegations:

Correction to Bulletin #1 paragraph 8. Pre-event Training:
Due to a recent and unexpected surge in our energy prices we are forced to increase our proflyer rates effective from February 21. We are doing this in an attempt to limit our losses and are hoping for understanding from our proflyer community as well as the athletes participating at Airspace2020 (April 5-10 2022) – 2nd FAI European Indoor Skydiving Championships (EISC) and 4th FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2020 (WCIS). The new rate for proflyers will be 650€ per hour.

Airspace2020: (April 5-10 2022)
The rates for the pre competition training days (April 4 and 5) as well as the registration fees remain unchanged. However for the training period (March 21-April 3) this will mean an increase of 100€ to the off peak- and 50€ to the peak rate that were announced in Bulletin #1. All bookings and invoices will be adapted accordingly. The FAI controller and ISC Bureau have been informed of this decision.

Correction to Bulletin #1 paragraph 5.1. Entry Fees:
Judges in training do not have to pay a FAI sanction Fee.

The Airspace2020 Organising Committee

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